The International Centre for Socio-Political Studies and Consulting (ICSPSC)

The Centre was founded in March, 2002 as a free union of consultants and specialists from different countries of the world. In quite a short period the ICSPSC has organized a series of international round-table discussions and meetings concerning the issues of national and international security, the role of mass communications in the present day society.

Monographs and books of collected articles in Russian and English published by the Centre include: Armies and politics; Russia and Latin America; Russia and India – strategic partners; Courses in public relations; Avenir Khanov – a person, a citizen, and a diplomat; India – Russia: a dialogue between civilizations; India – Russia: Trade and economic relations; Genesis of Russia’s market reforms; Mass media and PR in Bulgaria; Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution; Communication management. Consulting in public relations; Public relations and communication management: the foreign experience; The foreign policy of the USA: communication aspect; Communication management in world politics and business (in two volumes); The rising role of communication management in world politics and business, Ultraleftist terrorism in Germany: major trends in the activity of the Red Army Fraction (RAF) and its communication maintenance; Communication management in the foreign policy of France in the late XX century; Communication management and strategic communication; Crisis, army, revolution; The presidents in media focus: The practice of information warfare in Latin America; Hugo Chavez in the flames of the information warfare; Communication management and strategic communication: The modern forms of global influence and management; “The Ukraine” strategic provocation; Communication and terrorism etc. Among the authors of the books are more than 78 specialists from 22 countries of Europe, Asia, North and South America: members of national and international academies, directors of research centers, diplomats, and members of cabinets of ministers.

The presentations of books published by ICSPSC took place during the 140 academic conferences, seminars and meetings in 25 countries. ICSPSC members head and take part in the work of commercial and non-commercial consultancies which helps to sponsor the research projects of the Centre.

The main areas of research are:

  • International Security
  • Military-Political Studies
  • Economic Studies
  • Regional Studies
  • Communication Management
  • Strategic Communication


Group for Defense and International Security Studies (GDISS) of the State University of Sao Paulo

The GEDES is a multidisciplinary group that receives contributions in various domains of knowledge. It is also inter-institutional: though based on the campus of the UNESP, their members belong to various academic institutions as well as to non-governmental organizations. The GEDES members are linked to the most important academic associations on security issues, both national and international and carry out joint projects with other relevant centers.